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Hello fellow Earth Warriors! Here you will find products that will help lessen the impact we have on the earth, plus a few things I make myself! It's time we move away from single use plastics, and live more sustainably! I'm also collecting products from companies that are making strides to helping the environment, if not with the product itself, but where funds are going.  As a fellow Earth Warrior, I feel a close connection to the earth and am driven to make a difference in anyway I can. Changing my own lifestyle isn't enough. I hope to inspire more Earth Warriors

like myself to make small changes in their lives that might help the earth in large ways in the future.

Together we can make a difference!

This is the owner is her favorite place; On a mountain!

About the artist:
Monique and her husband Kris live off grid in NH, with their two cats ( Oliver Twist Queen Oxenfree, and Vaydah ). When not working on the website for sustainable products, she spends it in the garden, building their off grid home, researching ways to leave less of a footprint on the earth, or painting the outdoors she is so fond of. She goes hiking in the mountains as often as she can, taking pictures to use for references in her paintings. She and her husband plan on having bees soon, and Monique loves the excuse to plant more flowers.

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