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Biodegradable Zero Waste Corn Floss in Glass Bottle

What could be better than a vegan dental floss that helps to keep both your pearly whites and the environment sparkling clean?


We can probably all agree that much like our planet, our teeth are most attractive when kept clean…

Fortunately with this biodegradable vegan plastic free dental floss, you’ll have total peace of mind as you responsibly discard this zero waste product! In fact, even the packaging is reusable.

As a great alternative to dental floss, this floss is both free from silk and made from non-abrasive corn, making it a great choice for vegans, eco-friendly shoppers, and those with sensitive gums.

Plus, with a refreshing and invigorating spearmint flavor, you (and your breath!) will enjoy an aromatic uplift with each and every flossing.


Flossin’ facts:

  • Length of floss measures 33y/30m
  • Lightly spearmint flavored
  • Candelilla wax (plant-based) coated
  • Vegan friendly & dentist friendly
  • Just works! On tight gaps, sensitive gums, and unpleasant breath

Biodegradable Zero Waste Corn Floss in Glass Bottle

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